Entrepreneurs in the integration time

The “Entrepreneurs in the integration time” program, formerly known as  “The Path of Entrepreneur”, has been broadcasted on HanoiTV since March, 2009 and achieved great success and reputation for Hanoi Television.


  1. Program introduction

- Towards the 1000th  anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi,  Hanoi Radio Television in collaboration with Sao Viet Communication and Advertisement Jsc. continues to conduct the new version of the “The Path of Entrepreneur” program on Channel 1 – the “Entrepreneurs in the integration time” program – with the desire to continuously find more entrepreneurs who have high business achievements and made great contribution to the economic development of our country.

- Inherit and promote the success of the former program in the past year, the Editorial team of “Entrepreneurs in the Integration Time” promises to make the program even better to please viewers in the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.

  1. Purposes of the program

- In order to celebrate the momentous historical event - the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi, the program is made to honor enterprises and entrepreneurs who have made great contribution to the economic development of our country.

- The “Entrepreneurs in the Integration Time” program is the conversation with people who have made milestones in the business,  to honor and encourage enterprises and entrepreneurs who have greatly contributed to society and the economy.


- Every entrepreneur has their own path of bitterness and difficulties. By listening to their conversations, you may get to know the information and perspectives which can affect your own future. You will find the secret of success for yourself from their experiences of failures and successes.

- Once a week, we will help you to find and talk with such people: the successful entrepreneurs.

  1. The content of the program

“Entrepreneurs in the Integration Time” is the completely new version of “The Path of Entrepreneur” in terms of both form of operation and content. The program includes 3 distinct parts:


  1. Entrepreneur story

- “Entrepreneur story” is the part specially dedicated to each entrepreneur.

- Our documentaries will zoom in the entrepreneur image and their daily lives.

- Zoom in the elegant pleasures after a tired working day of each entrepreneur.

- Zoom in the rare free time which they spend with their family and taking care of their children.

  1. Strength of the brand

- The documentaries zoom in the brand and the brand identity of their business.


- Interview objectively some customers on how they know about the brand and decide to choose it.

- The postion of the brand in the marketplace and in the hearts of their partners as well as customers.

  1. Entrepreneur’s Golden Heart

- This part is specially dedicated to mention the social actvities of entrepreneurs.


- Documentaries will zoom in the charity activities that entrepreneurs have participated.

- Entrepreneurs and the program staff will visit and give gifts to some people suffering from difficult circumstances, fatal diseases that the program staff have previously searched and contacted.

  1. Form of operation

- The host is a famous and professional MC.

- Documentaries will be filmed outdoor and the conversation session with entrepreneurs will be taken place in the studio of Hanoi Radio Television.

- After each part of the program, there will be music to emphasize the next part of the program. 

- The filming set is well-aranged with audiences and newly designed stage.

- Entrepreneurs may get questions from the MC or any admirers sitting among the audiences.