Program “Pursue Pictures, Catch Words”

The program is broadcasted at 19h45  every Saturday, on Chanel 1 on Hanoi TV. This new version of the program is sponsored by an Electronical and Machinary Supermarket  named Topcare.


The Rule:

There are two Paticipants in each program who are shown a pictured which relating to a word, a phrase, a proverb, a locution, a folk song, a song or a film. Then they have to try the best to be the first person pressing button to anwser and play the game.



Parts of  The Program:

-         Impromptu: There are 10 pieces corresponding to 10 pictures. The pictures are about different topics. Each Participant has the right to answer only once.

-         Following the topic: The pictures are about specific topic (Eg: Tet Holiday, Hanoi,…). Each Participant is allowed to press the button and answer only once.

-         Count down: The time is count down while the pictures shown. And the mark the Participant get equal to the time one have the answer. Especially, The Participant have the right to press the button until having the correct answer or until the time over.

-         Super Speed: One of the two Participants who has higher mark after three parts of the game will be in this part.

-         MC: Xuan Bac (The famous Comedy Artist)

-         Contact:


Foor 5, Buiding 25T1, Hoang Dao Thuy street, Cau Giay district, HaNoi

Tel: 04. 3555 3296;  Fax: 04. 3555 3295

Mobile: 0987 336 382  (Hong Tuyet)

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