Program “In the kitchen at weekend”

Program “In the kitchen at weekend”, which  is carried out by Vietstarmax and Hanoi TV, is broadcasted on Chanel 1 of Hanoi TV.



Official Broadcasted: 15h30 every Sunday on Chanel 1

Second Broadcasted: 15h30 every Thursday on Chanel 1
Third Broadcasted: 20h05 every Wednesday on Chanel 1


For the men do not know where they should take their family to eat and enjoy the food every weekend. For the women who are difficult to find how to cook well or how to make the new meal at weekend. This program is for these.



Program “In the kitchen at weekend” has three parts: New Taste, Tips and In the kitchen with Stars


“New Taste” is about introducing strange dishes and how to make the dishes with restaurant style. This also gives Audience addresses of special restaurants all over the world.


“Tips” provide everyone tips to choose and use appliances in the kitchen. It also suggests housewive the way to cook well.


“In the kitchen with star” is the final part. Audience can see their Vietnam top stars who play the role of  a housewife to learn the way to make  dishes, according to the professional chef’s guide.



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