Program "The global Overview – VTV1"

“ The Global Overview” is produced by Vietstarmax and The Department of News- Vietnam Television. The Show is broadcasted at 9:30 am every Sundays in VTV1. The Show updates all out-standing news in the world, satisfying the high demand of Vietnamese citizens

The Show is sponsored by FECON – Vietnam Foundation Engineering and Underground Construction JSC.

1.      The Introduction

-         The Demand on Information becomes more and more essential demand with many people

-         They are not only interested in domestic news, but hot topics in the worlds also have great attraction to various audiences, especially dynamic youth.

-         The global news, especially  economic and social ones are very important and catch interest from people, who desire to update the latest news

-         Getting the most updated news daily and weekly not only help normal people broaden their knowledge, but also help business men sketch out right ways in the investment

2.      The Broadcasting Information

The Global Overview is produced by The Communication and Advertising Joint Stock Company Vietstarmax, associated with the Vietnam Television

-         Broadcasted in VTV1, Vietnam Television

-         Duration: 30 minutes

-         Broadcasting Fluency: once a week

-         Broadcasting schedule: 9:30 Sunday morning

-         Rebroadcasting schedule: 15:30 every Monday

3.      The purposes  of the show

-         “The global overview” has the duration of 30 minutes introducing a series of hottest news on contemporary events in the world

-         “The global overview” express a deep view focusing on events, news in all sectors within a week in the world

-          The show helps the audiences understand exactly and continuously important news in the world in all sectors, especially in economy and society

-         The Show ties the relationship between Vietnam and other countries in the world

4.      The Show’s Content

a.      The 1st part: The World in the last 7 days (Duration: 5 minutes)

-         This is the first part of the Show, including news on general situation of many countries in the world. “The World in the last 7 days” gives important news in the world within a week.

-         All news is updated weekly with unlimited content in any thema and sectors

-         This part help the viewer update frequently important news in the world sothat the viewer undertand more about the wolrd’s situation

b. The 2nd part: Discussion (Duration: 20 minutes)

-         This part is under the form of discussion

-         In this part, a guest, who is a master in the sector of national affairs will be invited to take part in the discussion

-         Every show have different guests

-         Discuss about a strategic direction in the economic-social development of specific country

-         Discuss about direction in the economic – social development and other policies of a country, which has been approved in an important session.

-         In each show, a country that has a great influence in other countries, including Vietnam will be discussed

-         The topic that will be discussed must be the important topic or a new policy which has promulgated recently and gained powerful influence.

-         The Show will introduce general view on situation of discussed country anf the specific policies promulgated. The speech of highly ranked leader about discussed topic in important sessions will be quoted

-         The Show also gather opinions of some citizens, officials, who involve directly with promulgated policies that will be discussed in the show

-         In the Discussion a special guest researching the situation in the country will be invited. The MC will ask the guest questions about discussed country and its promulgated policies

c.      Connection (Duration: 5 minutes)

-         This part will give information about a economic- social organization in the world

-         The relationship established and the positive changes between Vietnam and this organization recently


-         Each Show will deal with a new organization and the close-knit relationship between Vietnam and this organization.