Vietstarmax Introduction

General Introduction

The Vietstar Advertising and Media Joint Stock Company (Vietstarmax) is considered as the most prestige agency in the sectors of Communication and Advertising in Vietnam. Following the slogan “ Creativity without Limits”, we try our best to study concepts, solutions and ways to carry it so that we can help all enterprises – our target customers- enhance the effect in the operations, going forward to become the brand that gets the trust of the clients, shareholders and employees

With this philosophy, Vietstarmax gathers a large employees including specialists on communication, television advertising, brand building, graphic design who have professional skill, are qualified and specially, have great experiences. Understanding the target of the company, our staff cooperate with others prestige partner, trying to develop professional and effective services in communication, PR, and brand building. We achieve this target basing on tirelessly efforts on business, PR and communication of world-leading enterprises and we want to apply these standards in Vietnam.

Vietstarmax has shown its capability in the sectors of

-         Booking Television advertising

-         Producing TV Shows

-         Producing Television Commercials

-         Producing Corporate Film, documentary film

-         Making overall media Plan

-         Taking Advertising Photography

 With the motto “Prestige, creative and professional”, All Vietstarmax’s products can meet the demands of the prissiest customers by offering products with the best quality



With the young forces, the creative and earnest spirit, Vietstarmax sets the target becoming one of the leading communications, advertising agency in Vietnam in the next five years.

Vietstarmax has also got and add regularly

+) Young Staff with high qualifications.  90% employees of Vietstarmax has university degree

+) Modern infrastructure, satisfying all the needs of the staff

+) Communication products with international standard



The Satisfactory of all clients is the working motto of Vietstarmax

All the efforts of Vietstarmax contribute to enhance the Vietnam’s status in the global communication – advertising map.



Establish and combine harmoniously essential values for clients, society and the employees in Vietstarmax



-         To client: developing creativity without limits to bring the best value for clients

-         To the society: developing creativity without limits to contribute an intact and sustainable society.

-         To our staff: developing creativity without limits building a close-knit team to prove our ability and create best communication products for our clients, also give a good carrier for our employees.

 The core values

-         Human resources is considered as the most important treasure. Every employees, who involve in Vietstarmax environment can prove their best ability and get profits for themselves. However, The development of Vietstarmax is the development in characters, ability and finance of every Vietstarmax employees

-         The collective strength is the key leading to success and the factor creating the Vietstarmax’s power. The solidarity is created by the combination, complement between individuals having different ability and characters, between unit members having different development strategy and advantages. In Vietstarmax, we always give prominence and bring into play the solidarity of all members.


-         Democracy and justice is the values forming in the Vietstarmax’s environment. The democratic and fair management in Vietstarmax proves maximum ability and strength of every members, creating them the faith in building the company

-         Dynamic and creative spirit is considered as the first core value attached special importance in Vietstarmax. Participating in the sector of communication and advertising, which has a great development rate, Vietstarmax knows that freedom in mind and dynamic, creative spirits is a prerequisite helping Vietstarmax become a leading company. The Vietstarmax’s opened and dynamic environment encouraged and got many creative employees

-         The company culture is the basement for all Vietstarmax’s activities.



The meaning of Vietstarmax’s Logo

The Vietstarmax’s logo is stylized from 3 initials V, S and M, that creates a original star. The star is designed in cubic form with 3D effect that is considered as attractive and easy to remember. The special design facilitates the appearance of Vietstarmax’s logo and becomes impressive if it is used in media facilities thanks to the effect of image. Besides, the design is suitable to sectors that Vietstarmax has involved either.



In other hand, The star stands for the capability that can breaks all limits and always goes top in all Vietstarmax’s business sectors. The color was chosen carefully in order to attract the attention and impress clients. The color of green and red agrees with feng shui. The strong and luxurious font goes harmoniously with the image of band. The sans serif font is rounded to indicate a modern, creative and flexible brand and suitable to eastern spirituality enhancing the business work.


In brief. The overall Logo is the harmony between colors forming the impression of a easy-to-remember design. The Logo is a significant factor standing for Vietstarmax’s sustainable development.